‘Nana’ Parana Pine Studs


Luxury perfectly sums up this pair of earrings as you will never find another the same, made from the most beautiful cut of wood specifically chosen for its stunning colouration.

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Luxury perfectly sums up this pair of wood earrings. You will never find another the same.

This special wood is called Parana Pine and its stunning, unique colouring comes from the sap running through it. Each cut shows differently, making each bit unique just like you the wearer.

We’ve made them so that they are incredibly lightweight, with an added touch of luxury by adding a sterling silver post riveted through them. Simple and stylish.

They come in Vannucchi branded packaging, which is ready to be given/received as a gift.

We encourage you to reuse the packaging for your jewellery storage purposes, however if you do not, all our packaging is 100% recyclable, please dispose responsibly.



These measure approximately 10 mm across and 20 mm in length.


Product Material

Parana Pine with Sterling Silver


Product Care

Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals as this will damage the materials used.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.