‘Plum’ Geometric Necklace


The ‘Plum’ necklace gives you nothing but luxury with its antiqued silver chain and beautiful combination of woods in this wearable, modern wood collage.

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The ‘Plum’ necklace is another addition to the geometric necklace range. We’ve added a chunky, antiqued silver chain that brings together this wearable wood collage of crisp lines and geometric angles. Purple heart is what creates this most divine colouring and its all natural. Combined with ebony and olive wood, this is an all round luxury item.

Treated in a way to bring attention to its beautiful natural colouring and grains, we have finished it with our very own organic jojoba and rosemary oil bees wax, which seals the wood from the elements and maintains its colouring.  We sell this as a partnering product, which we encourage our customers to use in order to maintain their beautiful, treasured pieces.

Our products come packaged in our luxury Vannucchi boxes, ready to be given/received as a gift.

As this is a one of piece, we sadly can not replace it if it gets damaged through wear and tear, but if you follow the guidelines provided, you will be able to ensure a long and healthy life for your treasured jewellery.



Chain and attached geometric piece measure approximately 50 cm in length.

Geometric piece-

7 cm at its widest point

3.5 cm in height


Product Material

Purple Heart, Ebony and Olive Wood with Antiqued Sterling Silver. Walnut Tag


Product Care

Avoid direct contact with liquids and chemicals.

If item gets wet, wipe down immediately and allow to dry naturally at room temperature.

Avoid open flames.

For longevity of wear, remove all jewellery before bed.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our essential product care package includes all the necessary items to keep your Vannucchi jewellery looking healthy and happy.