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Collezione XXI


Shop our range of luxury and sustainable sterling silver and wood jewellery. Inspired by our founder Dani’s nature walks. She has created a collection that studies line and form in a multitude of irregular geometric designs. She has taken the shapes of stones she has gathered and turned their outlines into beautiful jewellery mimicking their texture and simple beauty.

Here you will find unique creations that have been handcrafted with crisp fresh lines and minimalism at the heart of them. All of Dani’s designs come in a range of styles that suit a day to night, all occasions and all seasons wardrobe.

We love coming up with new styles that capture our ethos and can suit the modern everyday person, we hope you love them too.

WOW! I can’t thank Dani enough for the gorgeous bespoke necklace she made me. I decided to treat myself and I am so pleased I did! She has been amazing from start to finish and her attention to detail had been outstanding. It has been made with love and beautifully crafted. Your money and trust is well placed with Vannucchi!


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