Vannucchi is a modern, slow fashion jewellery brand that uses a contemporary blend of woods and metals.

Specialising in luxury, ethically created jewellery, which has been designed and handcrafted by our founder Dani Ellingham.

Named after her grandmother and paying homage to her grandparents, she has created a business combining her two loves, woodwork and metalwork.

Each collection has been crafted to showcase the natural qualities and colours of the woods used, incorporating clean lines and minimalist design.

Dani grew up in a British Italian family, spending much of her childhood with her grandparents. They instilled within her their passions for all things creative. Some of her happiest memories are being allowed into their creative spaces, cupboards full of beautiful silks and satins, a woodworking shed where the smells of wood tools and stains lingered.

She followed her inherited creative passions into university and studied a BA Hons in Jewellery Design and Making, qualifying in silversmithing and goldsmithing in 2008. During her time there, she started to explore her love of wood and its various qualities, finding inspiration from the many wooden delights around her grandparents’ home.

 During this time, Dani sadly lost her grandfather (Nonno), but his memory was kept alive when she inherited the contents of his workshop. Vintage tobacco tins full of nuts and bolts, chisels used to make the family sideboard, a workbench that had seen the start and finish of many a happy project, and along with this was Nonno’s stash of wood and veneers. Soon after her beloved Nonna also passed, so in 2014 Dani decided to start the business combining her passions for woodwork and metalwork.

As a homage to her grandparents, she uses the family name.

Showcased here, you will find Dani’s desire for simplicity and all things tactile.

Her desire for a more sustainable future also drives her designs

Working to make full use of FSC woods, down to the smallest cuts, and bringing attention to the most beautiful of exotic hard woods that have been gifted to her. 

With small limited collections and one of a kind creations, Dani brings her treasured ideals together

From everyday classics to one of a kind statement pieces, handcrafted in her studio workshop, based in East Sussex, UK, she works to share with you her passions and creations and hopes you love them as much as she does.


Vannucchi wants to build a relationship with you to create a more sustainable future, where we make more considered purchases and have a true love for what we own. Here at Vannucchi headquarters, we are strong believers in capsule wardrobes and want to create items that can be loved and worn in any season with any outfit.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade in our studio, so you can be sure you are buying a product that has been made with care, whilst supporting independent British design.

With our jewellery you can guarantee high-quality craftsmanship, unique pieces, materials that have been sourced and used responsibly, along with a brand that has a shared ethos to promote slow fashion.

Being environmentally responsible is important to us, so we only use FSC certified woods, gifted/rescued exotic hardwoods and recycled metals from quality national providers.

We also pledge 5% of every purchase to go towards planting a tree with donations to Moor Trees as the true art of sustainability is the replenishment of the materials we use. 

Moor Trees is a charity, registered number. 1081142. 


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