Mix and Match Colourful Wood Veneer Pin Set


This mix and match colourful wood veneer pin set is tactile, minimalist in design and makes the perfect gift for a (wood) 5th wedding anniversary, a groomsmen/bridesmaid gift or a treat to yourself.

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We’ve created for you a simple unisex mix and match, colourful, wood veneer pin set. The perfect accessory for your bags, lapels, pockets, where ever you choose to place them.

They have been designed to be worn alone, in pairs or as a mix and match pin set.

This is a small batch collection of geometric mix and match colourful wooden veneer pins. At the present time there is only one available of each option, so be sure you pick the set you want from the drop down menu.

Created using a mixed colour palette, with veneer topped laser cut birchwood ply. These have been backed with a simple gold coloured steel clasp pin.

This makes a great gift to yourself or others who like a pop of colour, simple shape and line. The perfect stocking filler, groomsmen/bridesmaid gift, wood (5th wedding) anniversary gift or even wedding favours. We can make these to order, so if you like what you see and want more, pop us an order enquiry on our contact us page.

All our creations are made here in our East Sussex, UK Workshop. After QA testing they all are packaged up in our branded boxes ready to be received or given as a gift. We encourage our customers to retain these boxes for their storage needs, however if you do not want to, these are fully recyclable.

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Note: These are lightweight, but we recommend placing them on a sturdy fabric.


These measure approximately 1 cm to 1.5 cm


Product Material

Steel and Birchwood Ply

Mixed Wood Veneers


Product Care

Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals.

If items gets wet or comes into contact with oily perfumed products, wipe immediately and allow to dry at room temperature.

Last but not least, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.



As part of our desire to be more sustainable and conscious of our carbon footprint we also donate 5% of all sales to our chosen charity Moor Trees.