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Use this ring multi sizer gauge to identify your correct UK ring size.

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We are often asked ‘how is best to measure for ring size?’ We decided to help you out and can now provide you with a multi sizer ring gauge. This is a very simple and yet useful tool which you can store and reuse whenever you need. It will help you to correctly measure for a ring size, ensuring you are buying an item that will fit.

Sizing guides vary across the globe, this one is made to measure for UK sizing. However we have also provided you with a conversion chart, so you can convert from the UK size if you so need.


How to use

This reusable multi sizer works very simply like a belt. Wrap the band with the letters facing outwards round your desired finger and push the end through the buckle. This will create a ring shape. Slip it on and off your finger and adjust it accordingly to allow for a good comfortable fit. You want to make sure that you can slide it off over the knuckle before reading it.

Please see images for further reference on use.


Helpful Tips

If you have already identified a design or ring, you will need to bear in mind that a larger ring band often needs to be in a larger size to accommodate for manoeuvring around the knuckle and to sit comfortably on your finger.

Fingers shrink and expand depending on the temperature, so it’s recommended to measure fingers in the evening as this is when they are at their biggest.

Did you know, your dominant hand is slightly larger? Make sure you are measuring up for the desired hand and fingers you intend the ring for.

If you are in doubt, it is better to go smaller as it is easier to expand by a couple of sizes than to reduce. In some instances this could require a hole new ring to be made which will be costly.

We recommend you measure your finger more than once to ensure a more accurate reading.


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