‘Ellie’ Earrings


Naturally stylish and full of natural personality these earrings bring a great every occasion element to your wardrobe.



The ‘Ellie’ earrings are effortlessly stylish and can be your classic, every day essential.

We believe that these also make the ideal capsule wardrobe addition, because they are versatile and can be your ‘something special’ for any occasion.

Similar to other items, such as the ‘Sarah’ Earrings and ‘Claire’ Earrings these come in two variations. Made from beautifully hand finished walnut or maple, we are able to offer you a dark and light wood option.

All our items are made from quality materials, skilfully handcrafted in our East Sussex workshop. Made using locally sourced FSC certified wood, we have worked to be truly sustainable with the ‘Ellie’ earring design.

The ‘Ellie’ is a small production creation which honours your individuality.

These are great for the minimalists in your life and for gift giving on your 5th (wood) wedding anniversary.

All our products come packaged in our Vannucchi boxes ready to be received as a gift. These are perfect for re-use, but are also 100% recyclable.



Walnut – Measuring 38 mm in diameter, 7 mm in depth

Maple – Measuring 38 mm in diameter, 5 mm in depth


Product Material

Walnut and Sterling Silver

Maple and Sterling Silver


Product Care

Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals.

Always remove before bed or exercise.

Avoid open flames

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


Our Pledge

As part of our desire to be more sustainable and conscious of our carbon footprint we also donate 5% of all sales to our chosen charity to support Moor Trees.