‘Sarah’ Earrings


Simple and modern this pair of studs make a luxury pair of hoop earrings that can be worn day or night and at any occasion. A great all year round item of jewellery.



Our ‘Sarah’ hoop earrings are simple and striking, made from beautifully hand finished walnut or maple. These come in two types of wood, providing you with a dark or light option.

Created for that perfect day to night, any occasion outfit. We love our timeless, all season classics and this is one of them.

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Treat your self or a loved one to one of our ‘one of a kind’ creations or one of our limited run collection pieces. All our items  are made from quality materials, skilfully handcrafted in  our East Sussex workshop.

All our products come beautifully packaged in our Vannucchi boxes. These are great for reusing for your storage needs, but otherwise are 100% recyclable.

We believe in creating options that are less damaging to the environment, making small exclusive collections, one offs and encouraging a more conscious shopping habit with our customers. For this reason our pieces are consciously made and we hope that you find something here that you or a loved one can adore and wear again and again.



Walnut- Measuring 35 mm in diameter, and 7 mm wide.

Maple- Measuring 35 mm in diameter, and 5 mm wide.


Product Care

Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals.

Avoid open flames.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Always remove before bed or any exercise.


Our Pledge

As part of our desire to be more sustainable and conscious of our carbon footprint we also donate 5% of all sales to our chosen charity Moor Trees.