‘Jessica’ Plywood Studs



Effortlessly stylish, lightweight, stripy plywood studs for the eco and fashion conscious among us.

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The Jessica plywood studs are one of our faves. This minimalist and geometric stud design was born from workshop off cuts. These are lightweight and finished with a riveted sterling silver stud.

Our earring range is constantly expanding, so keep an eye out for new additions. Other designs you might like are the ‘Nana’ Parana Pine Studs and the ‘Louise’ Square Studs.

We benefit from the sourcing of other workshops offcuts which we believe in making use of to the fullest extent.

How we source our materials allows for one of a kind or limited run collections. This enables us to focus our energies on creating for you the most wonderfully unique and sustainably made jewellery. This we believe, enables you to treat yourself and shop guilt free.

For this reason we sadly can not always replace items if they get damaged through wear and tear, but if you follow the guidelines provided, you will be able to ensure a long and healthy life for your treasured jewellery.

Currently the Jessica Plywood Studs are a one of a kind creation, perfect for those who consider themselves unique, environmentally conscious and fashion forward.

All our products come in our Vannucchi boxes ready to be received as a gift. These are perfect for re-use, but are also 100% recyclable.



These measure 20 mm by 12 mm


Product Material

Plywood with Sterling Silver


Product Care

Avoid direct contact with liquids and chemicals.

If item gets wet, wipe down immediately and allow to dry naturally at room temperature.

Avoid open flames.

Always remove all jewellery before bed or any exercise.

Our Essential Product Care Package contains all the items you need to keep your jewellery protected and looking fresh.


Our Pledge

As part of our desire to be more sustainable and conscious of our carbon footprint we also donate 5% of all sales to our chosen charity Moor Trees.