‘Sara’ Parana Pine Bangle


This amazingly natural stripy wood is called Parana Pine and here we’ve turned it into a beautiful, bangle for you to always marvel at.

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The ‘Sara’, Parana Pine Bangle is a truly unique piece. With it’s striking appearance and silky smooth, tactile qualities this is a one of a kind creation.

We’ve taken this stripy wood and hand crafted it into a beautiful bangle so that you can marvel at the woods natural beauty.

This bangle is completely unique, because each cut of this wood presents a different grain pattern and colouring. This is because the sap running through it creates the vibrant and stunning, multi tonal reds and yellows you see.

Other bangles with unique colouring and grains are the ‘Ruth’ Olive Wood Bangle, ‘Ruthie’ Multi Angled Olive Bangle and the ‘Maria’ Walnut Angled Bangle.

Because we value your individuality, we only choose the best cuts of wood with unique grains and colours. The material we choose to work with is a natural and valuable resource that we want you to fall in love with and treasure.

We only create limited batches and one of a kind creations to be sustainable and to compliment your individuality.

The ‘Sara’ Parana Pine bangle will come packaged in one of our lovely jewellery boxes, ready to be given or received as a gift.

Whilst our bangles look solid and chunky, they are all incredibly lightweight. Reducing the risk of tired arms at the end of the day. These look great worn individually or stacked.

This wood was gifted to us, therefore it is limited and can not be replaced. This product has the potential to last a lifetime if treated with care and following our product care guidelines.

We recommend you use our organic jojoba oil beeswax to treat this wood for a renewal of colour and to aid in the protection against the elements.



Item has been hand carved and measures approximately 6.5 cm in internal diameter and 9.4 cm for the external.


Product Material

Parana Pine


Product Care

Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals as this will damage the material used.

Always avoid open flames.

Store item in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Use our organic beeswax to reseal and brighten the colour of your wood.



To be more sustainable and conscious of our carbon footprint we donate 5% of all sales to our chosen charity to support Moor Trees. For more information, pop on over to their website.