‘Ruth’ Olive Wood Bangle


Our organic Portuguese olive wood bangles have been a popular product for us and we are so pleased to be able share with you the option to now have them off the shelf instead of custom made.

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Endearingly named after Dani’s mother, this silky smooth, luxury wood has been turned into this beautiful golden hued bangle. This wood is our all time favourite with its multitude of warm colours, brilliant smell and durable nature.

We believe that this bangle would look great on anyone’s wrist. Either worn individually or layered with other bangles, this makes a great addition to that all year round capsule wardrobe.

Each section of wood is carefully selected before working, to ensure maximum pattern and colour in your Vannucchi treasure. It is silky smooth to the touch and is completely unique. Each cut of wood, holds a different grain pattern and array of golden hues, so no two bangles will ever be the same.

This item very much speaks of the Vannucchi ethos to buy less and buy better, made from FSC responsibly sourced wood, it is a sustainable item that you will be able to love and wear again and again. Stylishly simple and yet so elegant, this piece really is timeless. Be environmentally aware, whilst being fashion forward.

Created with true sustainability in mind, our woods are purchased from only the best local suppliers, who source FSC certified woods, which we then turn into our beautiful and timeless jewellery in our East Sussex studio workshop. We like to ensure that we limit our impact on the environment as we create and save our small cuts for other projects.

All our products come packaged in our branded boxes, suitable for continued storage of item or other similar items.



Measuring approximately 6.5 cm in internal diameter and thickness of band is approximately 1 cm


Product Material

Olive Wood


Product Care

Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals as this will damage the material used.

If item gets wet, wipe down immediately and allow to dry naturally, at room temperature.

Avoid open flames.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

For a colour pop use our organic beeswax to reseal the wood and brighten the colour of your wood.